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to move the world forward.

Why? - Because it is important.
Because now is the time to move the world forward.
Because doing good for the common-good matters.

Everyone has a Goodiyi to share for more and better values, life and progress.

Mamadomia open flow  smile thrive project development.

We would like to welcome you, and thank you in advance for your 60 seconds contribution.

 60 seconds boomerang goodiyi open learning and teaching flow business services

Welcome to the Goodiyi Net where everybody is a student, and
everybody is a teacher.

Your GOODIYI in 60 seconds has the power to do more and better for a better world.

Enhancing knowledge, powering creativity and innovation, bridging minds and brains.

Your GOODIYI may have the potential to change generations .

Together we can make A difference by enhancing and sharing learning and knowledge, creativity and innovation Goodiyi's, embracing potentials and design solutions. Together we will empowers people, communities, customers and equip organisations everywhere ...

So what is this special Goodiyi you want to share to the world for the long lasting good. Is it a talent or special ability, is it an important message, or may it is a knowledge, experience or innovation you want to contribute and benefit? Yes you have a Goodiyi to contribute and share. The Goodiyi can be contributed in any format, form or shape.

Whether you consider of value, importance, funny or attractive, you've decided to make a sustainable difference for a better world and make your actions in deed count.

Contribute your Goodiyi to causes you feel passionate about.

Why should I contribute to causes that maximize the world progress forward that I feel personally passionate about?

First of all, it's your time, life and energy, and you get to choose how to utilize it.

Second of all, as a human being part of the civilization you will probably be more effective at things you feel passionately about than at things you are less interested in. I would argue you will do more good for the world progress by investing great effort and passion into a cause you feel strongly about than you will by investing mediocre effort into a cause with greater general utility.

Just imagine that you can make a difference and say. I'm particularly energized by the thought of living my life in a way that maximizes the world's progress forward - in fact, it strikes me open to be up. I aim to live a life that I find personally fulfilling while I'm living it and one that I can be proud of, yes and an important part of that is making the world a better place. I find the prospect of contributing to the world progress forward causes to be important, joyful and awesome; I'd like to contribute (whether time, knowledge, skills or money) to issues I personally care about, such as helping people feel more fulfilled with their lives, environmental conservation, climate change, combating abuse of power, and research on friendly AI. (I think all of those are pretty high-impact, but they're not optimal.)

Yes, I'm excited by the Effective Altruists' call to contribute 60 seconds of my Goodiyi to the world by donating a valuable chunk of my creative time, knowledge, skills or income, and I'm excited about the consortium recommended global causes.

So, Do It Now
Simple just like WhatsApp or Youtube it is simple and easy to exchange Goodiyi's all around the world. click flick, smile and discover how Goodiyi in 60 seconds TransTelematics can help you in real time deeds without having to pay for SMS, learn foreign languages etc... Boost your GOODIYI with click-flick creativity, right now.

In Vision, and Mission in Practise


Creative Pro-Activism :)  60 sec boomerang green business services   Mamadomia Group  


For your own good, Yes and for the good of all, contributing to the enhancement of the progress and sustainability thrive.

Just 60 seconds - Open Simple Goodiyi Thrive Click-Flicks
Real Time Moments TransTelematics Click-Flicks Goodiyi Contribution

Every GOODIYI in real time counts.
Join the 60 seconds A*++ now and share the boomerang effect of beneficiary rise up.
The most efficient way to do it, is to do it now.

Contact us, Register your interest.   It is open project and always will be open to everyone, everywhere at any time.

Join us now and share the benefits.
People with talents, abilities, skills and passion have potential to enhance the world for the better. If we all share a little time, we can move the world forward.

Young Talents | Creativist | Activists | Cyberactivist | Developers | Eco Naturalist | Independent Journalist | real time flicks.

Mamadomia  smile thrive development project

21st Century Real Time Creative Pro-Activism In Open TransTelematics Real Time Connectedness.

Mamadomia Consortium - GOODIYI in 60 Seconds. THRIVE FORWARD PROJECT --> Pop In > Pop Up TransTelematics is utilising open creativity, innovative and eco friendly sustainability meaningful real time TransTelematics creative social activism.

Take the challenge to succeed, rise up and progress. Smile is the Best Indicator of Winner Success.
Winners laughter is infectious and is far more contagious than any other expression. When the winner smile is shared, it binds people together and increases happiness, sustainability and progress. Best of all, this priceless time is fun, free, and easy for everyone from everywhere at any time.

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