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Enterprise Grade Investments

What's best for our investors and members?

That drives every consensus we make, for more and better values, securities and returns.

Because now is the time to act and invest forward.
Because perspective developments matters.

We would like to welcome you, and thank you in advance, for entering into the state of the open developments flow of investments.


We are certain that our open flow business model, methodological and technological design system coherency, has great potential to make significant difference for more and better values and common-good ROI.

We believe out of the box innovation investment makes anything possible.

We believe open flow of state-net revolutionary core systems collaborated with technological revolution within the core purpose for more and better values and return on investment. Evolve such as innovative learning, creating, thinking, healing, problem solving and innovating out of the box with open source path in mind, makes revolutionary difference in everything possible that add more and better values in life; is an evolutionary necessity to evolve and value our purpose in progress that



There are investments you don't know and can't do and there are investments we don't know and can't do, but together, collaborated and incorporated we can make a difference for a better life, world and progress.

We have no doubt that utilizing, founding and running out of the box open flow state-net of systems will make a core differences for more and better values, life and progress.

Why we are evolving revolutionary open learning flow systems? Why we are founding and revolutionising the way of open learning for more and better human development and progress of the open learning, creating, thinking, healing and innovating?

As any progressive member of 21st century in everything we do, we believe that next generation open learning flow systems are making a revolutionary difference for the better. Challenging the known and embracing the unknown for adding more and better values to learning and innovating, we believe and think differently with core purpose in mind to evolve a revolutionary difference for more and better core values, life and progress.

We believe what matters most, matters most and that can be evolve and successfully achieve progressive with our open learning revolutionary flow system collaborated and incorporated coherently with the advancements of the technological revolution and global networking innovation that is making a core difference to the world and life for the better.
We love it and in every thing we do, we believe that the next generation of open learning revolution is making revolutionary difference in adding more core values and is improving the life for the better in less time and with less effort, while opens up new course to raise up the progress of the civilisation thrive.

We are passionate about open learning flow and open healing eco-health progress, researching, problem solving, innovating and discovering things for more and better life, world thrive and progress.

We are exited of the revolutionary advancements in the open learning, science, technology and innovation that make many things possible. Therefore we adapted and incorporated the open spirit of the open learning core flow and vision of the revolutionary time as our primary vision, purpose and objective for Mamadomia Open Consortium Foundation development directive.

We are committed to the revolutionary cause of the century for more and better life, world and progress.

We believe in the cause of creating and developing revolutionary global Development Schools to any home and place, schools utilising innovative open learning methodologies and technologies that will make a difference to the world. Development Schools that add more and better values to health, education and environment in less time.

Mamadomia Foundation open consortium mission is a development of purpose in progress for adding more values, delivering and distributing more and better learning, knowing and educating, mentoring and training practices to any home and plaice, individual, business and organisation, where and when is needed in less time and with less effort.

How we do that?

We think, innovate and do business differently. The way we do that is by changing paradigms for revolutionizing the way of people helping people in the areas of learning, creation, innovation and utilization of progressive system developments of hi-potential. We use learning differently to add more value, we use optimisation and utilization of technological revolution for more and better learning, thinking, creating and innovating in less time with less effort for solving problems of the real world challenging demands.

Challenging the known and embracing the unknown, we pioneer, create and innovate the open learning system as we progress, grow and add more and better values that revolutionise the development of open global development system of open schools to add more and better values and procreate long standing assets with progressive investment potential and ROI.

We bridge advance methodology, technology and innovation, we cooperate, incorporate and collaborate businesses and organisations from the profit and not from the profit sectors, individuals, activist, humanitarian and ecological organisations for more and better research, education and health. We work on the eco-friendly business environments, for a better real world life thrive and progress.

What we do?

We help people helping people and organisations to discover, grow and do their best. We utilize a real world system for open learning flow to add more values for a better life and progress. We run foundation to solve problems on global scale to found open learning system, to pioneer, create, design and develop Global Development System Of Schools, globally distributed and locally implemented. We run business to guide, teach and mentor people to help people and organisations for adding more and better values by open learning, thinking, creating and innovating in less time and practice with less effort in revolutionary real world way. We are cultivating love for learning, knowing, innovating and discovering.

Advancing the development of Open System Schools utilization in any home and place for discovering and developing innovating talents, creativity and intelligence. Revolutionary GoodIYI Schools growing knowledge and cultivating creative thinking of value to any home, organisation and place, that make a difference for generations to come.

Do you feel like getting involve?

Do you feel like supporting the open learning revolutionary time and progress ?

Do feel like embracing challenges that make a difference and add more and better values to life and the progress?

If so, You are welcome to join us right now.

It is all about living the dream and be the change you want to see in the world.

And, What is Open Learning?

Open Learning Flow is an out of box learning, an way for people, science and technology to collaborate and cooperate on open source and open core learning without been limited by boundaries of time, place, space or other limitations.

Open Learning - Learning out of the box.
Challenging the known and embracing the unknown,

Mamadomia Open Foundation long term directional objectives are: Orientated for more and better progressive innovation, fostering and developing Global Development Schools as well as open healing educational eco and health open consortium group for research and new discovery.
For advancing learning, thinking and intelligence in education, smart methodology and hi-technology. Research for better understanding, learning, creating, innovating the progressive realisation of our vision, mission and objectives.

Open learning source and core solutions for the smart revolution!

Mamadomia foundation is dedicated to fostering the advancement of smart education and open learning technologies, eco friendly environments and good health discoveries for sustainability primary through smart education, intelligent research and innovation, as well as global win-win development founds and collaborations for a better world, thrive and progress.

Mamadomia is as consortium as it is a foundation of impatient optimist, creativist and activist collaborating for a better humanity. Socially and economically conscious the foundation seek to drive change on a global and local scale by carrying out not for profit funds, research and developments dedicated to fostering the growth of advanced education, educational cybernetics, eco and health sustainability developments, research and innovation for meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Join us,
People with vision and passion can change the world for the better.

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